The Middle Colonies Reading Passage for Secondary Students (Download Included)

As a social studies teacher in the Bronx we often don’t have a class set of usable textbooks. Also, they were often too voluminous and difficult for my struggling students. Finding an appropriate summary of a topic was oftentimes frustrating and time-consuming.

That’s why I decided to start offering them on my website. This is an ongoing project, so stop back frequently and see what we’ve added.

When I say “we” I mean my  brother and I. I have been teaching social studies for 19 years and my brother, Joe, is an historian. Between the 2 of us we create these reading passages. 

If we’re missing a topic you’re looking for just email me at No guarantees, but we’ll try to accommodate:)

Each reading passage is approximately 650 words, just right for most single period lessons. They are geared to grades 7-11, depending upon the abilities of your students.

If you want to differentiate for your struggling students and English language learners there is a highlight feature on PDFs. This allows you to annotate whatever areas of the reading you want students to focus on.

Below is a picture of each page. Click on the link to download your PDF copy.

Happy teaching!

If you’re looking for some lesson ideas to do with this reading passage I created a video you can watch here.


Happy teaching!

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A Bronx, NY veteran high school social studies teacher who has learned most of what she has learned through trial and error and error and error.... and wants to save others that pain.

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