What’s the Best Color Printer For Teachers? As Always, it Depends!

Best Color Printer For Teachers

Picture this, teachers. You have slaved through the night to finish off that worksheet that you so desperately need to teach your class with next week.

You make the final edits, walk over to the printer and you just can’t get the thing to work!

It’s a hard task getting a reliable color printer and there are certain specifications that, as a teacher, it is paramount that you have in your printer. 

Now, there are hundreds of different printers on the market today, and choosing the right one can be very difficult.

It is very overwhelming to have to scour the web to find the best printer for you! So, let’s have a look at the best color printers that are available today and which one’s will best suit you, as a teacher.

We’ve compiled all the research in this article to make the decision as easy as possible for you!

Best Color Printer For Teachers 

Best Overall: HP ENVY 6455e All-in-one Wireless Color Printer

This HP Envy printer is a fantastic purchase for those who are busy and are looking to print things quickly and efficiently. If you are a teacher looking for a home printer, this one is fantastic.

Not only is it reliable and easy to use, this printer is great for all the family so it will be able to be used by everyone in the household.

It is wireless, which means as soon as you have linked it up to your laptop or computer once, you won’t need to worry about it again, it should just stay connected. 

This printer has many great features that you will need as a teacher. It has the ability to not only print but also to copy. This is important when you need to copy worksheets from textbooks.

This printer also has the option for mobile printing as well as wireless printing. It has 2 sided printing and can also print photos on photo paper.

It is quick and easy to use as it has the HP smart app to help with set up. There are no limits to the amount of people that can be linked to the device. 

Alongside this printer comes 6 months of free ink subscription which you get when you activate HP+.

You can print up to 700 pages a month for free for these six months before you will have to either start paying for the subscription or you can cancel it. 

This printer is a great all-in-one option, where you can do many different things on the same device. 


  • Ease of use. This device is simple and easy to use and will deliver what you need quickly and reliably. 
  • Features. This printer has many fantastic features available, such as wireless printing, copying and two-sided printing. 
  • Free ink. This printer comes with six months of free ink.


  • Set Up. Some customers reported difficulties with initial set-up and connection to devices. 

Best Cartridge Free Printer: Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color Supertank Printer

This Epson EcoTank is fast, affordable and very easy to use making it perfect for the overworked teacher who just needs to print something on a working and reliable printer. 

This printer has all the features that you need in a printer, including a scanner and a large color display making it perfect for home use.

The printing is sharp and clear, and the scanner is high resolution so you’ll get very clear copies and prints.

This means that you will avoid your students encountering any problems with reading what you have printed. 

This printer is one of my personal favorites due to the cartridge free feature that it provides!

This is such a big money saver, allowing you to save up to 90% of the cost of regular ink cartridges – not to mention the hassle of changing one when the ink runs out!

Instead, all you need to do is refill the ink bottles when they run out, which is very simple and easy to use.

The ink bottles refill to allow for so much more ink use than the replacement cartridges that we’re so used to. They have a much higher capacity to hold the ink than the regular cartridges.

With this feature, not only are you making savings but you are also preventing all of the ink cartridges ending up in landfill, so it’s great for the environment too! 


  • Refillable ink tanks. This is great for sustainability as the ink cartridges that other printers rely on will end up in landfill. It also saves you some money and hassle as they have a high-capacity and are easy to refill.
  • Great features. This printer has all the features you need, including a scanner, color printer and the ability to print double-sided as well as many others.
  • Easy to use. This printer is wireless and can also link up to mobile devices as well as computers and laptops. 


  • Scanner is slow. The scanner on this printer works perfectly but it can take a few minutes to process the scan.

Best Technology: HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-one Wireless Printer

What makes this printer stand out from the others is how it is compatible with current technology. This printer works with an amazon Alexa device.

It also uses the HP smart app for set up and it allows you to print directly from your mobile device as well as other devices.

It also has a feature which allows you to print from the cloud – for instance, using Google Drive or iCloud. 

This printer has a wealth of features including the ability to copy, scan and fax from the device. It also has a touchscreen feature, as well as AirPrint.

It is a high-quality printer that allows you to print quality photos and documents. 

If you are looking for a printer in your classroom, this one is great because it has a quiet mode – meaning you won’t disturb your class if you need to print something off during a lesson.

It is also perfect for use in a classroom because of its compact size. It will fit comfortably on any shelf or on a desk without taking up too much room. 

This printer is also great because it comes with a 1 year warranty, as well as a 24/7 web support service in case you are having trouble printing what you need! 


  • Technology use. This printer can be used from any device as well as Amazon alexa. It uses the HP smart app and allows you to print from the cloud. 
  • High-quality. You can print high-quality images from this device. 
  • Customer support. The HP customer support service is 24/7 and provides great support if you need help with your printer.


  • Remember to cancel the subscription. When you purchase the printer you have the option to get a two months subscription for ink cartridges free. When these two months are up, you have to remember to cancel the subscription if you no longer want the monthly cartridges. If you don’t cancel the subscription, you will get charged.

Best For Color Printing: Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-in-one Color Inkjet Printer

While all of the listed printers are able to print in color, this one stands out from the rest when it comes to the color feature.

This makes this printer perfect for the teacher who is looking to print off creative work, photos or digital artwork. It is also great for printing off classroom decorations that are vibrant and colorful. 

This printer is compatible with all types of devices, from all mobiles, to tablets and computers and laptops.

It also has an option to print from the cloud meaning you can print directly from Google Drive or iCloud. Another great feature of this printer is the ability to either use it as a wireless printer or a cord printer. 

The device itself is very compact and so will easily fit in the space – whether you are looking to put it in your classroom or at home.

It comes with a CD Rom to help you with set-up and both a color ink and a black ink to get you started. 


  • Wireless and corded. This printer is available as a wireless printer, meaning it can be used with many different devices and smartphones. It can also be plugged in if needed making it very versatile. 
  • Vibrant color printing. This printer provides excellent color printing, making it perfect for art work or classroom displays. 
  • Features. This printer has all the features you will need, including scanning and copying as well as many others. 


  • Paper can jam. Some customers have noted that the paper can sometimes jam on this device. If this happens, contact customer service for support.

Best For Fast Printing: Brother HL-L3270C Compact Wireless Digital Color Laser Printer

This printer only functions as a printer, it does not have the scanning and copying capabilities. However, what this printer may lack in features, it makes up for in speed.

This is a very fast color printer which can print at up to 25ppm.

This makes it great for printing off any lesson plans or worksheets for a whole year group without having to stand around the printer for long periods of time.

You can load up to 250 sheets of paper at a time, making it very quick, easy and efficient. 

The device is equipped with a color touchscreen, allowing you to print easily from the cloud. You can print using this function from iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. 

This printer comes with a detailed set-up guide which will have you up and running in no time, as well as a set of toner cartridges. You will also save paper because the printer automatically prints double-sided. 


  • Fast! This printer is very fast and can print at up to 25ppm. 
  • Compatible with the cloud. This printer can be used with Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud, allowing you to print directly from the cloud.
  • Easy to use. This printer is quick and easy to use, with its touch screen allowing you to view the jobs.


  • Can’t scan or copy. This printer only functions as a printer, you can’t copy or scan using it. 

Buyer’s Guide 

There are many things that you should look for when purchasing a printer, especially as a teacher who has very specific needs.

Read this buyer’s guide for some guidance on what you should be looking for in a printer!

Scanning Features 

If you are hoping to copy some worksheets from a textbook, or make a copy of a student’s work, a scanning feature is very helpful to have on your printer.

Ensure you have a look at the scanning capabilities of the printer that you are considering. If you are hoping to use the scanner to scan quickly and efficiently, then you should look for a printer with the ability to do this.

On some printers, you have the ability to scan several pages all at once, rather than having to insert each one manually, one at a time.

This feature has the potential to save you lots of time every month, so consider whether this is something you might want.

There is also a difference between the resolution of the scans. Some printers can scan in high-resolution while others won’t create such a clear image. Consider this when you are looking for a printer.

Printing Speed And Performance 

Printing speeds are very important when it comes to choosing a printer, specifically for teachers.

When you’re printing for a whole class or even year group, you need to ensure that you’re not having to spend hours standing at the printer waiting for it to finish.

You should have a look at the print speeds for the printers you are considering.


How you connect your printer to your device is a big factor to consider when you are purchasing a printer.

You should ensure that you can link up any device that you wish to print from, to your printer easily. For instance, you may be hoping to print from a mobile device or a tablet.

You should choose a printer that has wireless connectivity, and that also is compatible with your smartphone.

Ease Of Set-Up

Printers can be very frustrating, and there is nothing worse than being all ready to print off your work and not being able to! Ensure that your printer is easy to set up, link to any device and use.

You should also make sure that you can easily troubleshoot any problems. For this, good customer service is very important. Many of the brands listed above have fantastic 24/7 customer service.

This is something you should look at when purchasing a printer for your classroom!

Paper Size 

Some printers have the ability to support printing on different sizes of paper. You may find that your chosen printer only supports A4.

While this is fine for many teachers, you may specifically need to print on bigger paper. If this is the case, you should look for a printer with the ability to print in different sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do These Printers Come With A Warranty?

Most printers do come with a warranty. This is something that you should look for when you are purchasing a printer in case something goes wrong that isn’t your fault.

As well as this, you should consider looking for a printer with a money back guarantee in case you change your mind about the product once you have started using it.

You don’t want to get it home and realize that it doesn’t do something you really need it to without being able to get your money back.

Is Ink Or Toner Better?

Ink is cheaper than toner and it is much easier to refill. However, while it is more expensive, toner lasts a lot longer than ink.

They both print in high-quality but if you are using a toner printer, it should be left to dry as the ink can smudge easily.

Do Printers Take A Long Time To Start?

Inkjet printers usually take longer to warm up as the ink needs to be prepared for printing. Laser printers turn on very quickly and you can get an almost instant print.

The first time you print something each day will take longer than the rest of the prints. It takes around 10-20 seconds for a printer to warm up.

What Brand Is Best Known For Color Printing?

Canon printers are best known for printing in vibrant colors. Other brands, such as Brother and Epson are better known for different niches.

Brother are usually seen as offering standard products for low prices, and Epson are known to be high-end. HP is usually seen as a good all-rounder.

Final Thoughts 

Looking for the perfect printer for your classroom or to have at home as a teacher can be a grueling task. With hundreds of printers out there to choose from it can get overwhelming.

Hopefully, this article will help you to overcome this problem and choose the perfect product to suit your needs. 

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