What Should I Wear To A Teacher Interview?

What Should I Wear To A Teacher Interview

It is important to wear clothing that is deemed appropriate for a teaching role when attending a teacher interview.

You only have one opportunity to make the best impression upon potential employers.

Of course, a good impression can be accomplished through thorough preparation and your amazing charm. But it can’t hurt to also be dressed appropriately for the role itself. 

The reason for dressing appropriately is because how you dress will reveal a lot about you and your approach to professionalism.

You may be tempted to wear casual clothing or something that you would usually wear while teaching during your interview, it is advised that you make an extra effort when attending the interview itself. 

It is crucial to remember that you are dressing to obtain the role, and your expected to wear something that is more formal than you would usually wear to work.

Despite the fact that making a great impression is your primary motivation when choosing your outfit for the interview, your outfit will do far more than just adjust your overall appearance. 

Think about it, whenever you look your best, you tend to feel your best.

So if you go into an interview feeling underdressed or uncomfortable, you will likely become detached from the interview and lose confidence during the interview process.

Your energy is one of the first things that a potential employer will notice so you’ll want to be feeling as confident in your outfit as possible. 

Thus, feeling prepared from your head to your feet is the best way to emit confidence that will also put your interviewer at ease and make them more likely to want to employ you in the role.

Whether you have the correct skills or qualifications for the teaching role or not, taking time to ensure that your appearance showcases your strength is vital. 

Key Tips For What To Wear

Key Tips For What To Wear

Here are some suggestions for choosing an outfit that will ensure that you will make the right impact during your next teacher interview:

  • Stay simple in your approach. Less is more.
  • Engage in thorough research into the type of school you will be teaching at and dress accordingly.
  • Check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Stay comfortable but smart. 
  • Use simplistic accessories. 
  • Practice good hygiene and ensure your clothes are washed thoroughly.
  • Adopt a natural, smart-casual approach, i.e. a suit jacket with smart trousers. 

Staying simple does not mean that you shouldn’t make an effort for your interview. Although it may feel tempting to showcase your individual style and personality, an interview is not necessarily the best time to do so.

In this sense, wearing a blazer at least or suit at best is the strongest way to show your prospective employer that you are serious about the role in question. 

Wearing dark, solid colors is a great way to stay smart and you should also ensure that your clothing is tailored to suit your size.

A blazer that is over or undersized may have the opposite effect to your desired results and shows that you are not as committed to the role as you do not care about first impressions as much as the next candidate. 

Planning ahead is also crucial as you may need to take public transport in order to reach the school’s campus. In this instance, you should consider how you will keep your clothing clean during the journey. 

Wearing a long, smart, protective coat may be beneficial in this instance as you will be able to protect your entire outside when riding the bus or train.

This will also eliminate the fear of staining your blouse or shirt unintentionally if you stop for a bite to eat on the way!

Why Do I Need To Check The Weather?

Wearing weather appropriate clothing also indicates that you are well-organized. Dressing in layers that are easily removable also provides you with the option to remove a layer if you become sweaty during the journey.

This also removes the potential to show up to your interview in a sweat-stained shirt on a hot day, or soaked through with rain due to poor weather. 

Why Is Keeping It Comfortable So Key?

It is important to ensure that you remain comfortable during the interview process for the following reasons: 

  • When you feel comfortable, you will naturally emit more confidence. Choosing a smart yet comfortable outfit will make you feel great overall and this will naturally transfer to the interviewer.
  • Feeling uncomfortable makes you far more likely to fidget during questioning. Therefore, you should choose an outfit that you are able to comfortably move in without feeling like you need to rearrange yourself continuously. Whether you are nervous or not, fidgeting will give the impression that you are nervous and this could impact on your overall presentation. 
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes is also something that you should avoid. Wearing shoes that you are comfortable in removes the chance of you stumbling and also allows you to give a great first impression when walking in the room. You may also be given a tour of the school and thus, you will want to be able to walk easily and confidently during this process. 

Why Is Practicing Good Hygiene So Important?

Why Is Practicing Good Hygiene So Important?

This may seem obvious to most people, but practicing good hygiene is key to your overall success.

No-one wants to work with someone who does not practice good hygiene and this could be a deciding factor in whether you reach success or not. 

Alternatively, if you decide to wear fragrance during your interview, you should ensure that it is subtle and not overpowering.

You are looking for your presence to be admired during the interview, not your overpowering fragrance.

If you smoke, you should try to avoid smoking prior to the interview as this can also be off-putting, especially when working in a school environment. 

Irrespective of what you do or don’t do prior to your interview, it may be helpful to pack some deodorant and a toothbrush to freshen up just before your interview begins as this will leave you feeling more confident in your overall impression. 

Why Should I Keep It Natural?

Whilst you may usually wear heavier makeup, this is something that some employers are not keen on.

Wearing heavy, expressive makeup could be distracting during the interview process and some employers may judge you on the basis of this.

Using a natural palette during the interview process presents a natural impression that some employers prefer. 

It is also important to note that some employers will not want to employ teachers that have piercings or tattoos.

Whilst you are well within your right to dispute this at a later stage, and to express yourself for that matter, it may be advisable to ensure that these are hidden or removed during the interview process. 


To conclude, you can present a great first impression at your teacher interview by ensuring that you follow the tips that I have outlined above.

Staying natural, ensuring that you are practicing good hygiene, and wearing smart but comfortable clothes is the best way to make a strong, first impression by enhancing your overall confidence. 

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