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Sometimes you get what you pay for. Other times you can grab awesome stuff FOR FREE. You have found the latter:-)

Check out the descriptions below of various lesson plans and resources that are posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. They are all freebies. So, find what you like and in a couple of clicks it’s yours. Enjoy!

Create a World Map Group Activity Editable

This fun and challenging lesson will have students creating their own world map with continents, oceans and other geographic features. They are also tasked with making their own high-level questions that can be answer with their maps. Drawing, thinking and writing in 1 low-prep lesson:)


Preparing students for the NYS Regents has always been an important — and stressful — part of the job. Now that there is a new test in town — and it’s back to the drawing board!

My unit reviews are just what the doctor ordered!

While this is a great unit review for any U.S. history class, it was particularly designed with the new state test in mind.

This is the 7th unit review for the new U.S. Regents, the Reconstruction Era. 

U.S. World War 2 Google Classroom, Distance Learning, Self-Grading!

This is a user-friendly Google Classroom lesson for students – AND it’s self-grading!

A summary of World War II is chunked into 5 parts. After each “chunk” students answer 2 multiple-choice questions about that portion of the  reading. Then they continue to the next portion, for a total of 5 short readings and 10 multiple-choice questions. 

Golden Age of Islam Differentiated Overview Close Read Lesson Print & Google

This no-prep, differentiated lesson contains a summary of The Golden Age of Islam. Students engage in various activities that encourage close reading and checks for understanding. It’s engaging and visually appealing.

Enlightenment Overview Differentiated Close Read Lesson Print-Friendly & Google

This no-prep, differentiated lesson contains a summary of the Age of Reason, Enlightenment thinkers (Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, Smith), humanism, and its effects. Students engage in various activities that encourage close reading and checks for understanding. It also includes a little fun!

Cover Enlightenment Overview Lesson Free


World History Slide Presentations

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Hope these resources are useful! Come back periodically to see what’s been added.

Warmest wishes, Joan

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