Classroom Rewards Ideas For High School Students

Classroom Rewards Ideas For High School Students

Rewarding your high school students is a great way to motivate them and encourage them to continue fulfilling their highest potential.

High school students are often burdened by their social circumstances or home lives and thus, it is imperative that they are rewarded for their commitment to hard work.

The following rewards can be given to high school students when they have exuded positive behavior and results:


While you may feel like high school students are too old for stickers, they can actually work!

This is because stickers provide a sense or certification for their achievements and students are conditioned from kindergarten to feel great about receiving these rewards.

It also gives them something physical to show their parents to demonstrate that they have been working hard.

Homework Passes

A homework pass is a brilliant reward for hard-working students who may want a night free of homework.

You should ensure that you explain carefully the conditions in which it can be used.

Just be sure to make it clear the coupon is not valid for a project or essay.

30 Minutes Of Music/Computer Time

Having a break to listen to their favorite musicians and/or play their favorite computer games can be hugely motivating for students.

Bracelet And Shoe Charms

If charms are all the rage in your area, then you should consider purchasing some charms that the students are able to earn.

You can also purchase charms that are suitable for shoes like crocs.

Snack Coupons/Food Vouchers

You can arrange with the school’s cafeteria to obtain coupons for free snacks that can be gifted to your students.

Sometimes these free snacks like ice cream are the biggest motivators of all!

Coupons For A Local Restaurant

This may be harder to obtain, you can contact local restaurants that students are known to visit and purchase some meal coupons.

Check in with any Wendy’s restaurants in your area as these restaurants are known for giving out free coupons.

Choose A Seat Coupon

This coupon enables students to choose where they want to sit during a specific day.

If you have more comfortable areas within your classroom, this is a great motivator for most students to work harder.

Desk Pets

You might have heard of these and assume they’re for elementary kids. Nope. My high schoolers are still kids on the inside.

Desk Pets are officially erasers shaped like animals. But you could choose small stuffed animals in lieu of the erasers. I have a class mascot, a small stuffed teddy bear named Ted (I know, not too creative!). A student who deserves kudos can be put in charge of “babysitting” the pet for a period.

I’m always surprised how the little things work so well.


Extra Points

For students who thrive through academic activities, this provides the chance to earn more points to enhance their grade which is a massive incentive for these particular students.

Lunch With Yourself

Lunch With Yourself

If your students favor spending time with you specifically, then you can offer lunch on you as a means of reward.


Purchasing snack packs or bags or chips is a great way to incentivize high schoolers to work harder and meet their targets.


Buying packs of sweets and/or gum and gifting it to high schoolers who work hard is a great way to motivate them to continue to work as hard as they can.

If gum is banned in your school, then opt for sweets or TicTacs.

Sit In The Teacher’s Seat

Sitting in the teacher’s seat is appealing to most students and you could even offer them the opportunity to lead the discussion where possible!

My students are always grabbing my chair when I’m not looking and I have to throw them out. This is a great way to give them access.

Packets Of Ramen

Picking up some ramen packets and giving them to deserving students is the best way to incentivize them to work hard.

These rewards are inexpensive and your students will thank you immeasurably.

Credits For Missing Assignments

Another reward that is cost-free is a missing assignment points coupon.

These can be used if a student fails to turn in their assignment, as they can receive points for this future assignment regardless.

You may wish to set a limit on this, for obvious reasons, so that they do not receive full marks for an incomplete assignment.

Drink Packets

Drink packets are highly favored by students who bring water bottles to school and thus, they act as a brilliant form of incentive. They are also usually inexpensive.

Good Calls Home

Receiving a good call home is the best way to incentivize some students to work harder.

Providing good call passes in the form of coupons is great as students can also choose when to receive a good call home, filled with praise for their progress and achievements.

This is particularly great for students who are trying to get their parents on their side for a weekend-based event or party!

Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate is a great treat for students during the winter and this can motivate students to work even harder.

Stress Balls/Equipment

Purchasing inexpensive gifts from your local store is a great way to incentivize your students into working harder.

This Set of 18 Stress Balls is Super Affordable

Students get stressed immeasurably during exam season and this is a great way to ensure that they keep hitting their targets without becoming overworked and burnt out.


As mentioned, sweets like lollipops are the perfect reward to engage your students.

Every high school student loves hanging one of these out of their mouths and it can also help those inattentive students to concentrate more easily.

Film Day

Allow your student to select which movie to watch during movie day, ensure that they are provided with appropriate guidelines in advance and that you have scheduled this film day in accordance with the academic schedule.


Pop-tarts are perfect during all seasons and will undoubtedly motivate your students into working harder. They are also relatively inexpensive.

Colorful Notebooks

Notebooks can be a great reward for hard-working students who can tailor them how they like.

Multipacks of different colored notebooks can be purchased at your local dollar store.

Fun Erasers

High school students are also enthralled by quirky equipment like fancy erasers.

You can buy quirky sets at your local dollar store and there are a plethora of options to choose from.


To conclude, there are a wide breadth of rewards that you can offer to your hardworking, high school students.

Often, these rewards are enough to incentivise them into continuing to work hard and thus, you will all reap the rewards massively!

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