Best Teacher Bag

Best Teacher Bag

Let’s be honest, teachers are underrated right? It takes a special kind of person to dedicate all of their time to helping others learn, grow and reach their full potential. It’s not only that, but teachers have so much preparation to do for classes, homework to mark and papers to grade! 

As a result, teachers always tend to have huge tote bags, filled with papers, dry erase markers, their laptop or tablet, and not to mention the day to day items like lunch, stationary and supplies to carry around. This is why a teacher bag should be an essential item for all teachers and lecturers.  

A teacher bag makes it easy to carry all of these things around with simplicity and style. Luckily, if you are a teacher, this is the guide for you. This guide will tell you exactly why you need a teacher bag, and which is the best teacher bag available on the market right now. 

One thing your bag SHOULD NOT carry is a bagged lunch. Check our my favorite lunch bags for your very important food!

Our Top Pick

As a teacher, you know that quality is so important. This is why you will want only the best teacher bag to carry all of your school supplies in. Our top pick of best teacher bags on the market has got to be the Pursetti Teacher Tote.

This is a multipurpose tote bag designed to give teachers the room to carry everything that they need for school and extracurricular activities.

Made from premium quality polyester, this bag is durable, strong and yet lightweight enough to carry around all day. With plenty of space, including 6 pleated pockets, and space for books, planners, a laptop and files, this bag is perfect for any teacher, no matter what the workload is.

What is even better is that this Teacher tote comes in two different sizes and a wide range of colors and styles to suit everybody. You’ll never leave your student’s homework behind again! 

Best Teacher Bags

Pursetti Teacher Tote

If you are looking for the perfect teacher tote bag, then look no further. The Pursetti Teacher tote is specifically designed to help teachers get organized and prepared without sacrificing style. 

This multi-purpose tote combines utility with great style with a bag that carries everything that you need. The Teacher Tote is made from premium quality polyester so that it is durable yet lightweight, and wipes clean with a damp cloth. 

With plenty of space, you can utilize one of the 6 pleated exterior pockets for your ID badge, keys, hand sanitizer and stationary, with 2 side pockets for bottles of water or travel mugs.

In addition, you have 5 interior pockets in the main compartment perfect for stashing your textbooks, planner, documents, folders and more! With lots of compartments, and the perfect size, you will never go back to using a normal tote bag again. 


  • Made from premium quality, durable polyester
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Includes 6 pleated exterior pockets and 5 interior pockets
  • Spacious interior for books, laptop, tablet, files and papers
  • Can stand up by itself when full, flattens down for storage when empty
  • Comes in two sizes and up to 13 different colors/patterns


  • Straps are not adjustable

Trunab Teacher Utility Tote

If you prefer something more chic, sleek and smart, then the Trunab Teacher tote is for you. This bag is similar to the first one, with lots of space in the main compartment, a zip closure and 6 exterior pockets for your pens, bottles, keys, phone and more.

What the Trunab Teacher tote has is organized interior pockets, with a padded laptop compartment suitable for a 15.6 inch laptop, or a file folder. The mesh pockets inside are designed for notebooks, pens and pencils to ensure that you are always prepared for the day! 

Made of high grade materials, and durable enough to last a very long time, this lightweight bag is simple, yet effective. 


  • Comes with 6 exterior pockets, front and back with 2 side mesh pockets for bottles
  • Made of high grade material with lightweight design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Multipurpose- can be used as a carry-all bag
  • Includes padded laptop compartment
  • Mesh interior pockets with slots for pencils


  • Only two styles to choose from: black or gray

MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag

If you need a teacher bag with USB connectivity to charge your devices on the go, then the Monstina Laptop Bag is for you! This teacher tote is stylish yet fit for purpose, with a built in USB port, and is made with strong and durable straps to hold up to 50kg! 

With a spacious and lightweight design, you can take this holdall bag anywhere with you, including to classes. It has a compartment for a laptop, with multiple interior pockets for books, pens, and tablets.

What we really love about this bag is that it has a string for easy access to your keys at all times, and the fabric is completely waterproof and wear resistant. What’s not to love? 


  • USB Tote bag with built in USB port to charge phone or electronic devices
  • Strong, durable strap
  • Holds up to 50kg
  • Spacious design
  • Lightweight tote bag
  • Includes 2 compartments inside
  • Space for laptop
  • Comes with key holder for easy access


  • Only available in black and gray colors

LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack

If a tote isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we have the LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack for you! This backpack comes in a range of sizes, styles and colors to suit your personal preferences.

With multiple pockets, a USB port, and even an anti theft pocket for your valuables, you can pack everything you need into this cute, lightweight and comfortable backpack. 

With multiple interior pockets, along with bottle pockets on the side and places to stash your files and paperwork, this backpack is perfect for teachers. In addition, it can double up as a travel bag with comfortable bag straps and a luggage strap for your convenience. 


  • Fits up to 17 inch laptop
  • Includes multiple pockets and USB port for charging
  • Comfortable, padded strap
  • Breathable material
  • Backpack design
  • Comes in 8 colors and styles, with 3 laptop sizes available 
  • Has an anti-theft pocket, luggage strap and bottle pocket


  • Material is not as strong as others

Laptop Tote Bag Large 

If you want a cost efficient option, then this cute Laptop Tote bag is great for you. It has the capacity for most laptops up to 15 inches, and provides a soft, thick and protective compartment for your computer. 

In addition, this bag has a handy USB port, and comes in a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from. 

Perfect for a teacher, this bag also has multiple compartments and pockets with 15 inside! The material is also high quality, wear resistant and waterproof for long lasting use, and has strong shoulder straps so that you can carry it anywhere with you! 


  • Cost effective
  • Available in six colors/patterns to choose from
  • Can fit laptops up to 15 inches
  • Includes multiple compartments and a laptop compartment
  • Made of waterproof, high grade nylon and leather
  • Suitable for teaching and stylish for everyday wear
  • Comes with USB port


  • Smaller sized teacher bag

Buyer’s Guide

Things to consider when purchasing the best Teacher Bag

Okay, so you know you want a teacher bag, but you have no idea where to start. With so many options on the market, how do you know which one is the best one for you? Well, there are a few things that you should consider when purchasing a teacher bag.

For instance, the most important factor to consider is the usage. You want a teacher bag because of its versatility and flexibility. Therefore, look for bags with multiple uses, compartments, and places for all of your essential items. This will help you stay organized, prepared and ready for the day.

In addition to this, you want a bag to suit your sense of style, and complement your outfits. There are so many different teacher bags to choose from, from smart black to chic patterned ones. Be sure to choose one that suits your personality and teaching style! 

One of the most important factors is the quality and durability of your teacher bag. Other bags are not as strong, and the straps can break when weighed down with a laptop or files, so you will need a teacher bag that fits the function, and is able to withstand being full to the brim.

Some of the best teacher bags will be made from leather, canvas, twill, and other upholstery materials that are long lasting, sturdy and durable. 

You will also want to consider a teacher bag that is not too heavy. Seeing as you have to carry it around all day, you will want one that is strong, yet lightweight enough so that it does not strain your shoulder or arms carrying it. 

Finally, pick a teacher bag with lots of space and compartments. This will ensure that you never leave anything behind in the morning, and you have lots of room for new papers to grade, supplies and files to carry around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teacher bag?

A teacher bag is an essential item that every teacher should own. Being a teacher, you know how much you have to carry around each day just to be prepared to take on your classes. A regular handbag or satchel sometimes just doesn’t cut it. 

You have to keep your class’s papers flat in there, carry your work computer around with you, and your lunch and documents for the day. You will never be able to fit everything that you need in just a regular tote bag. 

This is where the teacher bag comes in handy. These types of bags tend to have multiple compartments for documents, papers, files, ipads, computers, stationary, and anything else that you can think of. Never again will you find your favorite student’s paper crushed in the bottom of your bag!

What is the best bag for Teachers?

There are so many different types of teacher bags on the market, and you will probably be flooded with options. We would recommend trying out the Pursetti Teacher Tote: or even the Trunab Teacher Utility Tote. These are some of the most useful options and the most popular teacher bags on the market. 

Do I need a teacher bag? 

If you are a teacher, lecturer or instructor, then you will benefit from having a teacher bag! These bags can safely house all of your teaching essentials and materials with ease. 

They are also made of higher quality fabrics and are more durable, so that you can really get good use out of them. Using a regular tote bag for all of your teaching materials is never a good idea.

Sometimes those bags are not made for lots of heavy items, and overfilling it can result in the straps breaking, and you will have to purchase a new one every few months. 

The best thing about teacher bags is that they are multi-functional. You can use them for all of your class needs, but they also double up as a casual bag for going out after work. 

What should I keep in my teacher bag?

A teacher bag is typically a cornucopia of school supplies and papers, but there are a few items that we recommend keeping on you at all times. You never know when you are going to need them! 

One of the most important items that you should carry around with you is a first aid kit. It is best to keep a few pain relievers, hayfever medicine, and band aids in your bag as you never know when you or one of your students could need a helping hand.

Another essential is a personal care kit. Try keeping a few personal items in your bag such as deodorant, perfume, a comb, lip balm and some hand sanitizer. This will ensure that you have a means of freshening up during a long work day, and keeping yourself maintained and clean throughout the day. 

Don’t forget the snacks! Snacks are a great way to reenergize during the afternoon if you feel a slump coming on. Not to mention those days after school has finished where you are stuck grading papers.

Snacks are essential, especially if you are the type of teacher who has to work through lunch to prepare for a test in the next class. 

In addition to snacks, you may also want to carry breath mints around with you. This will ensure that your breath is fresh all day when talking to parents, students or colleagues. Breath mints are especially useful if you love drinking coffee throughout the work day, too.

Speaking of coffee, it could be worth carrying a reusable cup with you in your teacher bag, because who can honestly get through the day without coffee? 

Finally, make sure that you have lots of spare pens and stationary items such as post-it notes .This will ensure that you are always prepared for the task ahead, and it also sets a good example for your students. 

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