Best Lunch Bag For Adults

Best Lunch Bag For Adults

Without a lunch bag transporting your lunch and beverages to and from work is likely to be quite a challenge. Juggling your drinks, food, and snacks amongst your other belongings and work related items isn’t an easy task.

Some basic lunch bags aren’t designed with an insulated layer meaning that they are going to be ineffective in keeping your lunch warm or cold depending on its temperature requirements.

When you have spent the morning looking forward to your lunch break you don’t want to be faced with the disappointment of food and drink that is no longer at the temperature it should be. Personally, it’s VERY important that I have a good lunch or my afternoon students suffer (sorry, kiddos)!

Lunch bags aren’t just for kids, in fact, there are many different styles of adult lunch bags available which cater to different tastes.

Though they may seem simple, a good quality lunch bag is as essential as your teacher tote and many are also now insulated which means that they will be effective in keeping your food at the desired temperature.

If you are uncertain of the best lunch bags available, we have browsed the market and selected our top 5 picks of the best products on offer, accounting for different aesthetic tastes, size preferences, and budgets.

Below, we have also provided you with a handy buyer’s guide where we have highlighted the features of a good quality lunch bag and our top tips for selecting the best product for your needs.

Best Lunch Bag For Adults Reviews

BALORAY Insulated Lunch Bag

With an aesthetically pleasing design, the BALORAY Insulated Lunch Bag is a great choice for those who want to venture away from plain and boringly designed lunch bags. Though it may appear small, it has a generous interior capacity that can accommodate a lunch box, snacks, and a bottle. 

Thanks to the welded insulated inside liner, this bag is completely leakproof. As such, you needn’t worry about any accidentally spilled liquids seeping through the material.

Whilst the exterior of the bag has been made from 600D oxford material, the aluminum foil that has been used inside is BPA free and therefore safe to come into contact with food. 

As an insulated lunch bag it claims to keep your food warm or cold for around 4 hours, so you can enjoy eating foods at their right temperature on your lunch break. The front of the bag has also been designed with an extra pocket which offers additional storage for your smaller belongings, like your always-needed lucky pen (you DO have 1, yes?) and dry erase marker.


  • Designs – there is an impressive assortment of designs and colors available so you can select your favorite option.
  • Size – It is lightweight and generously sized without being too bulky.
  • Ease to clean – this bag can easily be wiped over so any spills aren’t going to cause the quality to deteriorate. 


  • Handles – some customers have reported that the handles are a little short which makes them difficult to grasp onto.

LOKASS Insulated Lunch Bag

If you are willing to spend a little more on your lunch bag, the LOKASS Insulated lunch bag could be the perfect choice for you.

It measures 10.5” x 6” x 11”, and similar to our previous pick, it may look small but the interior is actually fairly spacious. In fact, you should expect to fit two lunch boxes and 2 330ml beverages.

The inside of the bag is lined with aluminum foil which will refrain from melting when exposed to heat. As an insulating material, it will keep your foods warm or cool for an impressive 6.5 hours.

The interior of the bag also features foam padding which will protect your containers should the bag accidentally be handled roughly.

Nylon has been used to make the exterior of the bag and this material offers excellent durability. The sturdy linen handles are connected via reinforced stitching so they will not begin to fray even when the bag is carried regularly.

The metal zippers are also coated in genuine leather. As such, you can use this mechanism to open and close the bag with ease. 


  • Storage – designed with multiple additional pockets, this lunch bag offers plenty of space to store your belongings.
  • Quality – as this bag has been made to a high standard, it is sturdy and expected to deliver long lasting use.
  • Easy to clean – the inside of this bag can easily be wiped over in between uses.


  • Leakproof – unfortunately, this bag is prone to leaking so it is important to be cautious of this when carrying liquids.

Tiblue Insulated Lunch Bag

Boasting a smart and sophisticated design, the Tiblue Insulated Lunch Bag features multiple pockets with a large central compartment.

While the mesh pockets are great for holding your beverages, the zipped pockets can store your other belongings. Inside the main compartment, you will be able to fit at least two food containers and plenty of snacks.

I particularly like that this bag has been lined with Eco-friendly EVA material and padded with thick insulation pearl foam. Whilst the lining will keep your food cold or warm depending on its required temperature, the padding will protect your food and containers from getting damaged.

Furthermore, the exterior of this lunch bag has been made from 300D polyester which enhances the durability.

As the interior lining has been heat welded, if any liquid spills inside the bag, it won’t come through the material. This also makes the bag easier to clean because the liquid is contained inside.

As such, you simply need to wipe them away using a wet cloth or napkin. You also have a choice of two handles; a reinforced handle on the top of the bag and a shoulder strap which can be adjusted accordingly. Because of this, you can select the most convenient way to transport your lunch.


  • Safety – this lunch bag has been made using materials that are free from PVC, BPA, lead, and phthalate so it is safe to come into contact with food.
  • Colors – available in an array of colors, there is a lunch bag to cater to every individual’s taste.
  • Comfort – the padded shoulder straps make this lunch bag comfortable to carry.


  • Size – many customers have stated that this bag was smaller than they were expecting. 

BUILT Gourmet Soft Tote Lunch Bag

Uniquely designed, the BUILT Gourmet Lunch Bag adopts more of a tote style with one central compartment. Made from neoprene material, this bag can expand to accommodate a variety of different sized containers.

Though it may appear small, the size is deceptive as you will actually be able to fit a container, snacks, and drink inside. 

As an insulating material, the neoprene will keep your food cold or warm for at least 4 hours. Because of this, you can enjoy your food when it is at the right temperature.

Impressively, this material is also super durable. Not only will it refrain from tearing and staining but it is also water-resistant so possible leaks don’t present an issue.

Courtesy of the zip mechanism you can easily open and close this lunch bag when you need to access your food. It also features soft grip handles which make it comfortable to carry to and from your location.

Due to the flexibility of this material, when it is not in use, it can be conveniently folded and stored flat.


  • Easy to clean – as this lunch bag is machine washable it is easy to maintain in between uses. 
  • Safety – the material doesn’t contain any BPA, vinyl, PVC, or lead so you can be assured that it is safe if it comes into contact with food.
  • Stretch – the versatility of the material means that it can fit food and drinks that are slightly abstract in shape.


  • The smell – this bag has a noticeable smell that some users may find a little unpleasant and off-putting.

Sable Insulated Lunch Bag

The Sable Insulated Lunch Bag has a large internal compartment with multiple exterior storage pockets. The wide open design also makes it easier to insert and remove your beverage and food containers when needed.

Inside the bag, there are two separate compartments. Whilst one can be used for warm foods, the other can be used to keep cold foods and beverages cool.

In regards to durability, this lunch bag has been made from 600D polyester fabric with an internal leak proof lining that protects the bag against spills.

It has also been complemented with reinforced zippers which allow for easy access into the bag. The use of high quality materials and mechanisms creates a high quality bag that can withstand frequent use.

The handles are comfortable to grasp as they have been made from soft PU. You are also provided with a detachable handle that can be used as and when required. This is ideal for those who do not have a free hand available to carry a lunch bag. 


  • Warranty – this bag is covered by a lifetime warranty so you can return it if you are unhappy with the quality.
  • Size – as this bag is available in 2 different sizes, you can select the option that is going to store all of your lunch containers and drinks.
  • Easy to clean – the inside of this lunch bag can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth.


  • The pockets – the quality of the pockets could be improved because they are prone to ripping.

Buyer’s Guide

Adult lunch bags are available in a range of styles and sizes and because of this, it can be difficult to narrow the selection down. There are a few things that I would advise you to look for in a high quality bag. These features are listed below.


The majority of lunch bags are insulated. This means that you can carry hot and cold items as this will retain their temperature for a couple of hours.

Most will have two compartments; one that can be used to store cool items and another that can hold the warmer items. An insulated lunch bag features an internal and external layer and this will prevent the outside temperature from affecting the contents. 


If you are going to be keeping liquids inside your lunch bag there is a risk of them spilling. A bag that has not been designed with an internal welded liner presents the risk of these liquids seeping through the material.

Of course, you are then going to be confronted with quite a messy bag that will need cleaning. 


The practicality of the bag is likely to influence the type that you choose. Many are designed with standard but soft handles which are comfortable to grasp onto and an additional shoulder strap which is great for those who do not have a free hand available to carry a lunch bag along with their other belongings.

Some will also be designed with a removable liner which can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Capacity

Different individuals will consume different things for lunch and because of this a bag that may hold one individual’s lunch items may not fit the lunch items of another. The specifications will state the size of the internal compartment and this will allow you to assess whether the bag is going to cater to your needs.

If you are likely to be carrying around multiple containers and beverages, ideally, a larger bag will be beneficial. Also, those that open wide will allow you to insert and remove your lunch items with ease. 

The Size

Closely linked to the capacity is the size of the bag itself. It is likely that your occupation will require you to carry multiple other bulky items to and from work daily so in this instance a compactly sized bag is going to be preferable because it isn’t going to add a lot of weight and bulkiness.

The Color 

Most brands manufacture their lunch bags in an assortment of colors and designs. Whilst this factor may not be a concern to all individuals, for those who are conscious of the style of their lunch bag, a selection of colors is great for catering to different aesthetics. 


When selecting your lunch bag, it is important to pay attention to the materials that it has been made from. Those that do not contain BPA, PVC, vinyl, lead, phthalate, or any other toxic materials are the preferred choice because they have been tested and are safe to come into contact with food. 

Ease to Clean

Your lunch bag will be used to transport your food and drinks and over time it is likely to be confronted with spills and odors. Ideally, your lunch bag should be easy to clean because this allows you to maintain hygiene and get rid of any unpleasant odors.

Cleaning your lunch bag in between each use will also prevent the build-up of mold and bacteria. Whilst the majority can be wiped over inside using a damp cloth, some are suitable for machine washing.

You will need to check the product specifications as the manufacturer will provide guidance regarding how the lunch bag should be washed.


A heavy-duty lunch bag is likely to deliver long lasting use. Investing in a durable lunch bag means that you are less likely to have to repeatedly purchase a new one in the future because it has been made to last using high quality materials.

The Price

Adult lunch bags can retail at varying price points, however, the majority tend to be pretty affordable retailing for less than $20. It is worth having a budget in mind as you can then cater your search towards this.

You must ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of the bag for the price because this may be reflected in the materials that have been used to make it. Weaker materials are less likely to be effective in enduring intense use.


Some brands will cover their products with a warranty. The length of this warranty can differ between manufacturers and some do not offer a warranty at all.

This policy means that you are not going to be stuck with the lunch bag if you are not satisfied with its quality. Instead, you can return it and the brand is responsible for offering a refund and rectifying any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace your lunch bag?

Ideally, you should try to replace your lunch bag every year but depending on the regularity in which it is used, you may need to replace it more regularly.

Although it may still appear to be in good condition, over time bacteria and mold will start to accumulate inside the bag. 

Do insulated lunch bags keep food hot?

An insulated lunch bag has been designed to keep your food warm or cold depending on what exactly the item is. As such, an insulated lunch bag will keep its contents fresh to prevent them from going stale.

In fact, there are many lunch bags that claim that they can keep your food and drinks warm or cold for around 6 hours. 

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