Early Reform Movements Review Puzzle (Free Download)

Early Reform Movements Puzzle

I’m always looking for different ways to review content in my history class. After completing a unit, such as the Early Reform Movements, a puzzle is always an engaging method to assess student knowledge of the material.

If a crossword and word search had a baby what would it look like? It would have clues to answer (like a crossword) AND hidden words to find (like a word search).

differentiated early reform movements

That’s exactly what my review puzzle series looks like. There are two versions of the puzzle — one with and one without a word bank. This helps differentiate for your students that need the support of a word bank and challenges others to complete it without. The first letter of every term is given as a little clue. Finally, there is a google slides link if you choose to assign the puzzle digitally. Yes, There is an answer key too:-)

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