Roman Empire Quiz

The Partheon main

Directions: Choose the best answer for each question.

1. the architecture of ancient Rome was influenced by

A. Julius Caesar

B. Ancient China

C. Ancient Greece

D. Italians

2. The Coliseum was used for

A. Caesars to ride their chariots

B. Gladiators and shows for the citizens

C. Conduct elections

D. Soldiers to train

3. Which of the following is an opinion?

A. the Coliseum is an impressive structure

B. Most of the Coliseum still stands today

C. The Coliseum is roughly round in shape

D. The Coliseum is made from stone and concrete

“Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered) Julius Caesar.


4. Based on the quote above Julius Caesar was

A. A philosopher

B. focused on military conquests

C. Focused on improving Roman infrastructure

D. Concerned about going to war

5. What type of government did Rome have before Julius Caesar?

A. Communist

B. Democratic

C. Monarchy

D. Republic

6. Which of the following is NOT an achievement of the Roman Empire?

A. Building many roads

B. A strong military

C. Heated bath Houses

D. Overtaxing the people

7. An important geographic feature in the Roman Empire was

A. the Atlantic Ocean

B. The Mediterranean Sea

C. The Island of Corsica

D. the Italian peninsula

8. Which is true about the extent of the Roman Empire at its height?

A. It spread to south Africa

B. It encompassed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

C. It spanned Europe, Africa and the Middle East

D. It included a large portion of Asia

9. Pax Romana refers to

A. A pact between Carthage and Rome

B. The third Roman Caesar

C. A period of peace and prosperity in the empire

D. Julius Caesar’s reign

10. The common citizens of Rome were referred to as

A. Plebians

B. Patricians

C. Slaves

D. Bourgeoisie

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