Directory of World History Summaries Available for Download

Below is a list of global history reading passages available for download as PDFs with a Google link included (if you need a digital copy). They are in rough chronological order starting with the most recent. Just click on the one you’re interested in.

This is a growing library, so stop back regularly for updates. So be sure to bookmark this page:)

The Middle East

Iranian Revolution

Cold War



Chinese Revolution

Creation of Israel

Indian Independence & Partition

World War 2

Between the Wars

World War I

Japanese Feudalism

European Imperialism

Industrial Revolution

Latin American Revolutions

French Revolution

Enlightenment Era

Protestant Reformation


Age of Exploration

Medieval Times

Golden Age of Islam

Ancient Rome

Ancient Greece

Kingdoms of Africa (Mali, Ghana, Songhai)

Mesoamerican Civilizations

Ancient India

Ancient China

Ancient Egypt



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