Do Italians Really Have a Monopoly on Love? Separating Fact from Fiction

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Italians have a reputation at reigning supreme when it comes to at romantic love.  Many reasons are behind this including Italian culture, their food and wine, social familiarity, sexy and striking appearance, and women who are both traditional and passionate. Italians are at times better at flirting and affairs. There are also many reasons to think they are also good at love.  

I will admit upfront that this discussion is not totally objective. My dad was Italian. My co-blogger has her own direct lessons on love with Italians.  But, I will try.  

Italy: The Land Of Romance 

Italy has a reputation for romance.  Romeo and Juliet are timeless star-crossed lovers.  Audrey Hepburn had her Roman Holiday. The most romantic movie stars often are Italian.  Rachel on Friends had her Pablo.  Latin is a romance language, right?  

(Yes, “romance” languages are those that arose in Rome.  But, it’s a fun pun.)  

Love and romance is not a one size fits all matter.  Not everyone will find the same things appealing.  But, Italians do have a reputation for love.  Why?  And, how accurate is it?  

The Charms of Italy 

There are various charms of Italy that help its reputation for love and romance.  

[1] Warm and Laid Back

Italy is in the Mediterranean, which is in Southern Europe.  A warm, traditionally agricultural country, Italy also was a prime location for trade and commerce.  It was the center of the Roman Empire and became the capital of the Roman Catholic Church.   

This provides a charming mix.  An agricultural-based society tends to be more laid back and less stressed out than one focused on commerce.  Italians are often more likely to be warm people and very social.  They not too surprisingly have a reputation as very good at politics.  

Italy is famous for its great food and wine, which encourages celebrating cooking, long and elaborate meals.  More time to get to know each other. 

[2] Big Families 

Traditionally, Italy is known for big families.  This is partially an influence of the Roman Catholic Church, which opposes birth control.  It also is common in agricultural-based societies.  

Big families mean a lot of love and marriage.  It means being able to relate to people well, including in intimate ways.  Is it surprising that Italians have less of a concern for personal space than many cultures?  Close and intimate helps in love and romance.  

[3]  Culture and Language 

Italy also became a thriving center of commerce.  The resulting money and power allowed the finance of fine art and culture.   Italy is famous for its poetry and songs.  

Italy is also well-known for its fashion and cars.  On the other hand, be careful when driving there.  Italians are very passionate but rather reckless drivers.  

Italian even sounds romantic.  It has a melodic quality that appeals to the ear.  The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V allegedly said, “I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.”  German does sound more rough and militaristic.  

It is the language of love.  

One thing that Italians are well known for is gesturing.  (Not only Italians. My mom has Irish heritage and loves to talk with her hands.)  

[4]  Appearance

Italians also have various appealing physical features.  Italians have dark eyes, “Aquiline” noses, strong cheekbones, and an overall serious look to them.  

They have olive skin, which looks both healthy and voluptuous.  

Italian men often have more body hair, which is often considered “macho.”  An attractive look for love and romance.  Italian women also often have big, luxurious hairstyles. This reflects a passionate nature and concern for beauty.  

[5]  Italian Women

Italian women are both traditional and strong-willed.  They have a conservative side but you better not mess with them.  Or, their mothers!

Italian women have a reputation as very passionate.  They are not just gentle and warm, the stereotypical ideal wife. Italian women are also strong-willed and hot-blooded.  

You better treat them right, or they will let you know about it. 

Italians, especially Italian men, have a reputation as being traditional and conservative.  Italian women, however, clearly can hold their own.  They know how to put their men in their place.  

Italian women are very family-focused.  Italian men are very protective of women while also being respectful of them.  The most important thing here would be their family.

Italians more than others follow the saying: “When you marry someone, you marry their family.”  And, the center of the family is the mother.  Treat your future mother-in-law right!

Make Sure It Is Really Love 

Italians have a great reputation for having the ability to flirt.  

Italians are comfortable socially but their culture and religion teach that serious love means marriage for life.  This requires skill at low-level intimacy.  Sex? Yes.  Love? Careful now!  

This leads Italians to marry later.  Marriage for life also encourages affairs. Italians sometimes are more comfortable with extramarital relationships.  There are various Italian films where this behavior is accepted and Italian politicians whose affairs are widely accepted.

Italians have many qualities that make them good options for love. Be careful, however, if what is really involved is romance or something else.  That stuff is fine, but not always love.

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