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This Westward Expansion quiz consists of 10 document-based multiple-choice questions. You can expand it into a full test with a few writing prompts such as:

  • Identify one method that the United States used to gain territory. Evaluate the effects of this method.
  • Describe the philosophy of Manifest Destiny. State your opinion on the validity of this idea. Justify your opinion.
  • Explain 2 effects of the Louisiana purchase.

For a copy of this quiz, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the multi-colored button. It includes a link to a Google Forms version of the quiz.


1. The first sentence refers to America as “the nation of many nations”. This refers to

1.     The diverse population of immigrants

2.     The secession  of the southern states prior to the Civil War

3.      Sectionalism of the north, south and west

4.      The magnificent domain of space and time

2. According to the document why must America expand?

1.To make space for the increasing population

2.To allow different cultures to have their own space

3.To avoid the Native Americans

4.To fulfill our mission of spreading civil freedoms

3. The document states that the idea of manifest destiny was approved by

1.The king of England



4.The president

4. By studying the photograph you can assume that

1.Some slaves settled out west

2.Pioneers were multiracial

3.2 families owned the cabin

4.The porch of the home is built flimsily

5. Using your knowledge of social studies the house in the photograph

1.Was probably built by the owners

2.Was a multi-family home

3.Had no neighbors

4.Included just 1 bedroom

6. The railway tried to attract passengers by

1.Offering discounts on tickets

2.Promoting it as a safer way to travel

3.Describing it as a luxury rider

4.Encouraging people to travel east

7. The Pacific Railway

1.Encouraged westward expansion

2.Had its last stop in New York

3.Included only one route

4.Was built quickly by Irish immigrants

8. In order to take advantage of the homestead act you

1.Had to be over 19, a citizen and male

2.Must be a citizen, over 21 and female

3.A minimum of 21, a citizen and not an enemy of the nation

4.A minimum of 21, a citizen and did not own a gun

9. The purpose of the Homestead Act was to

1.give citizens a chance at a better life

2.lower the population in the cities

3.Create more farms

4.Encourage settlement of the west

10. The maximum allocation of land for homesteaders was

1.Eighty acres

2.One hundred eighty acres

3.One quarter section

4.Eighteen hundred and sixty-three acres



Cold War

Chinese Communist Revolution

World War 1

Civil War

Westward Expansion

The U.S. Constitution

Early River Valley Civilizations

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