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Below are 10 stimulus-based questions on the Civil War. If you’d like a copy, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the multi-colored button. You’ll get a PDF and a link to a Google Forms version of the quiz.

Civil War Quiz

1. The effect of the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision was

  1. There were no longer any free states
  2. Slaveholders must document when they travel to a free state
  3. Congress must make the final decision as the slavery
  4. The United States is the only country to allow slavery

2. Frederick Douglass’ reaction to the Dred Scott decision was

  1. To encourage outrage and protests
  2. To petition Congress to overturn the decision
  3. Optimistic, he felt in the end it would be overturned
  4. To agree that the Supreme Court had made a proper decision given the facts

3. The Super Court’s decision in this case was that

  1. Slaves could be emancipated 60 days after residing in a free state
  2. That colored person of African descent have to apply for their freedom
  3. Slaves were considered property and not citizens
  4. Judge Taney had the power to overrule the other justices

4. According to the Missouri Compromise Slavery was illegal

  1. Throughout the United States
  2. French territory in America
  3. North of the line of latitude of 36 degrees
  4. Not within the states

5. The portion of the Missouri Compromise written to appease (make happy) the south was

  1. Fugitive slave must be sent back to their owner
  2. Involuntary servitude for crimes was still permitted
  3. Any person lawfully claimed could vote
  4. Service lawfully claimed must be compensated

6. In writing the Missouri Compromise Congress was trying to

  1. Help new states to enter the union
  2. Expand the United States
  3. Keep a balance of power between northern and southern states
  4. Fulfill the requirements of the 14th Amendment

7. The casualty toll for the Civil War is so much higher than all other wars because

  1. The new technology caused many more deaths
  2. The war was much longer than any other war
  3. It was the first war that accurately counted casualties
  4. Both sides in the war were Americans and therefore casualties

8. Two of the wars listed that the United States fought against England was

  1. Mexican War and War of 1812
  2. War of 1812 and the American Revolution
  3. The American Revolution and the Cold War
  4. The Revolutionary War and the Gulf War

9. The event depicted in the political cartoon is

  1. When southerners travelled to Kansas to influence the popular soveignty vote
  2. When the Dred Scott case made the Missouri Compromise null and void
  3. When republicans and republicans fought for the 1860 election
  4. Neighbors needed to help each others against the Native-Americans

10. The man being “force fed” represents

  1. A northerner who is against slavery
  2. An abolitionist
  3. A man who is against his neighbors
  4. A homesteader from Kansas

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