About Me

Hi, I’m Joan, a high school social studies teacher in the Bronx, New York (or as we Bronxites say “da Bronx”) and am approaching 20 years in the classroom.

Teaching is my second profession — I was a court reporter prior. Each day as a court reporter the only speaking I got to do was to read back the testimony of others. After doing that for over a decade I had a lot of pent-up things to say! So began my journey as a teacher.

I found teaching to be very different than expected! Administration was hyper-critical, the students were crazy and I couldn’t go to the bathroom when the need arose! I was so harried that first year that 1 day I showed up for work wearing 2 completely different shoes — boy, did I have a hard time living that down:)

However, my colleagues were amazing, the kids made my laugh every day and I was never, ever bored. I discovered an affinity for getting my kiddos to pass state exams. So I authored 2 books, U.S. History & Government Regents Review and Global History Regents Review (not page-turners, but very useful).

As I learned and improved each year I still found myself working very long hours, and that almost always included weekends. I was frustrated. Finally, in the last couple of years I have succeeded in orchestrating the job so that I could also have a life outside of teaching.

It would be my honor to share resources, tricks, tips and hacks — as well as a healthy mindset — that took me so long to acquire and shorten your journey toward enjoying a deeply satisfying career AND a well-rounded life.

Today I can spend time with my grown children and Austin, the love of my life as well as my granddogs, Gabbi and Harley. I read, walk the beach, explore new restaurants and generally enjoy a balanced life. You can, too!

Austin & Gabbi
My Grandson, Austin and Gabbi